Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Graffiti vandalism is a costly problem. More and more losses are occurring from this senseless crime. Glass, mirror, stainless steel and other costly surfaces are being destroyed daily. The best way to protect your retail or commercial property from attacks on glass and mirror is anti-graffiti film. Anti-graffiti film protects surfaces from vandalism and unintentional wear and tear damage. It is quick and easy to remove and replaced and gives property owners and managers an inexpensive solution to replacing damaged surfaces. It is clear and nearly undetectable and can be used on most flat, nonporous surfaces including: Glass, mirror, on store fronts, elevators, doors, schools, malls, trains, buses, bus shelters, display cases and more.

Features and Benefits

  • Protects Glass and Mirror
  • Saves Money Over Glass Replacement
  • Great for Interior or Exterior Applications
  • Easy to Remove and Replace
  • Easy to Clean



anti-gaffiti film

anti-graffiti film benefits

Available widths: 36", 48", 60" & 72"

Available lengths: 25', 50', 75' & 100'

Example: 36 X 50 = 36in wide X 50ft long

4 Mil Anti-Graffiti Film

36" & 48" Widths

4 Mil Anti-Graffiti Film

60" & 72" Widths


6 Mil Anti-Graffiti Film

36" & 48" Widths

6 Mil Anti-Graffiti Film

60" & 72" Widths

Pro-Pack 14 Piece Tool Kit

14 Piece Pro Pack for Window TintingThe 14 piece Pro-Pack is the top choice for all installations over 100 SF. Your installation will go faster, easier with this kit. The kit includes all the basic tools of a professional installer. Order this if your project includes a big windows or a large amount of square feet. Many of the tools will serve you long after the installation is complete. Includes:

1 – 2 Pint Pump-up Sprayer
1 – Unger Pro Handle with Blue Max Squeegee
1 – Unger Pro Squeegee Handle
1 – 8” Channel with Black Squeegee Blade
1 – 12” Channel with Black Squeegee Blade
1 – 6” Triumph Straight Scraper
1 – 25 Pack Triumph Stainless Steel Scraper Blades
1 – NT Cutter Pro A-1 Red Dot Knife
1 – Olfa A1 Knife
1 – 10 Pack Stainless Steel 13 point Blades
1 – Diamond Tip Hard Card
1 – Five-way Tool
1 – Large Scrub Pad
1 – 6” White Squeegee w/ Black Rubber Edge

Price ... $179.65